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Come to our Roaster and enjoy our specialty coffee. Still meet other quality products selected exclusively for you, directly from our partners.

7g Roaster Apartments


Rua de França Nº 52, Vila Nova de Gaia
tel: 963 758 004 / 220 437 318 / 963 781 916

7g roaster 7g roaster Roaster
7g apartments 7g apartments Apartments
7g Roaster Apartments

7 Gaia Roaster Apartments is the result of the symbiosis of two sectors: Local accommodation e Roaster Café. The project was born in 2017, next to the beautiful Douro river, the historical area of ​​Vila Nova de Gaia.
Our mission is to provide a truly unique experience to those who seek us, favoring a differentiating stay and the contact with a value-added product – the specialty coffee.


7g Roaster 7g Apartments

7g Roaster Apartments

Our apartments

The key factor of a journey is to experience the place that welcomes us. Enjoy the comfort and intimacy of our apartments. Wake up to the scent of freshly roasted coffee, the perfect appetizer for the delicious breakfast we offer.